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We have been located in South Bend Indiana since 1979  and servicing the Michiana area, in the waterproofing business for more than 30 years. Our waterproof engineers have developed a full line of foundation and basement interior and exterior protocols for South Bend Indiana home owners, We have formed a particular set of procedures for accomplishing and approaching any waterproofing job in South Bend In, that enables us to select the most effective and permanent solution for your particular situation. We don’t believe in offering a one-size-fits-all solution.

We always use high quality materials and standards as our work ethics stand alone and have for more than 30 years here in South Bend: A warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it. Our written, transferable warranty is backed by a separate and specialized staff dedicated to seeing any problem through to its resolution.

In the picture we are using a backhoe to dig around the outside of the South Bend In, home’s foundation, Going all the way down to the footing. After the wall is completely exposed, the original footer tiles are checked and, if needed, replaced. The wall is then sealed with waterproofing materials, such as tar and plastic. Gravel is poured over the pipe and the dirt is replaced in the hole.



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  • Exterior Basement Waterproofing - Cracked And Bowed Walls - Sinking Foundations - Crack Injections - Wall Straightening And Bracing Exterior Basement Repair - Interior Foundation Waterproofing - Storm Damage - Home Foundation Repair - Backup Sump Pumps - Yard Drain Installation - Leaking Basements Repair - Brick And Cement Repairs - De-Humidification Systems - Home Waterproofing - Business and Industrial Foundation Repairs

  • Inside drains may be used to waterproof from the inside of the basement. This involves opening the floor around the perimeter of the basement, digging a trench, and installing pipe and gravel around the footer. We also install ‘weep-holes’—small, one-half- to three-quarter-inch holes in each block cavity—to release any water that may be trapped. The holes are covered with a plastic molding or styrene panel before the floor is re-concreted.


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    Lifetime transferable warranty which covers no seepage through the floor. There is never a “trip charges” or “service call charges and the pressure relief sump pump is covered for life of foundation under the service agreement. ”. If you would like we can call you simply fill out one of the forms on this page and we will give you a call at your convenience.

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    Get rid of wet smelly basements, leaky foundations, moisture related problems in South Bend that could turn into a major health  hazards  and/or damage structures,  If your not sure about trusting an unprofessional and unethical workforce? Call Michiana Waterproofing Services of South Bend In. at 574-310-8379

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    South Bend, Indiana. The Michiana's Area's PREMIER WATERPROOFING AND FOUNDATION REPAIR COMPANY. Our Lifetime warranty and quality craftsmanship are second to none. We bring over 30 years of quality waterproofing experience to the table so you can rest assured that your being taken care of, We have the expertise and fore site to for know the pit falls you could run into and pre-plan for the unanticipated pitfalls of the neer future. Call a leader in the waterproofing business and excellent in basement waterproofing here in South Bend call local at (574) 310-8379

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    Reliability, Quality and the fact that for over 30 years we have been in the South Bend Indiana area, So be reassured that we will be here tomorrow .

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    Our South Bend Indiana customers speak for themselves and as too how we preform as a valued contractor experienced and knowledgeable of your foundation and basement waterproofing needs.

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    Michiana Waterproofing Contractors for the South Bend, Mishawaka, Niles, Elkhart and surrounding areas<

    Waterproof your Basement Lifetime Warranty

    Lifetime transferable warranty which covers no seepage through the floor. The pressure relief sump pump is covered for life of foundation under the service agreement. There is never a “trip charges” or “service call charges”.

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    If you need to waterproof a brand new or even real old basement, damp wet concrete floor, water damaged concrete block wall, crawl space, stone foundation or leaky brick wall. Waterproofing is our main business call us today locally here in the Michiana area

    Home Foundation Repair

    Older homes are more vulnerable to foundation complications, especially in the south western region of the Michigan including cities such as Elkhart,IN South Bend, IN. Leport,IN and Michigan City, IN Whatever the cause, settlement can sabotage the value of your structure and make them unsafe. If you see signs of foundation distress, don't postpone in getting the problem re-solved as your foundation may sink and cause further damage.

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